Fall Tree Planting


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The Many Advantages of Planting Shade Trees

Planting shade trees is one of the best ways someone can combat rising summer heat. Shade trees, when properly placed, lower cooling costs for home and provide cooler temps in summer for both the house and the surrounding yard. Not only that but planting the right shade tree a landscape so that the trees look like a natural extension of the surrounding greenery rather than purposeful choices for absorbing heat and breaking up all of the sunlight beaming down on a home. Shade Trees provide clean, fresh air, which can be refreshing for homeowners. These trees also help stop water from evaporating off the lawn so quickly, which is a plus for those who want green grass as well as shade. Trees help keep the earth-rooted, and it stops runoff. In addition to being attractive additions to one's yard, shade trees provide a massive slew of benefits that make them well worth the time and effort it takes to plant and nurture them to a full crown of growth.

Plants can add privacy, beauty to yards

Having wonderful, friendly neighbors is always nice, but it’s also good to have a little privacy on your yard. Many communities have homes that are close together, and that can take away the feeling of serenity and tranquility in the property. Plants, such as trees, bushes and flowers, can be used to add not only beauty to a yard, but also some privacy in both the front and backyards. A “living fence” is a fence that is made of flowers, plants, trees or bushes to add privacy to a yard.

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