Michael Sorbello is the owner / operator of Sorbello’s Landscaping. Since the age of 5 Michael has shown his love for hard work, he started working along side his grandfather in the greenhouses. Even at a young age he loved to get his hands dirty. He would plant the seeds, water the plants and then watch them grow.


Michael would make gardens and different types of landscape beds that his mother would plant flowers in at their home. From then on he watched his grandfather and older cousins work at Rosie’s Farm market, which has been the family business for the past 55 years. Michael learned the sales end of the business, from talking to customers to helping them find exactly what they were looking for. At first he was the bag boy, then he would sort the rotten fruits and vegetables. Eventually around 8 years old he was taking orders and ringing up the customers at the market. This teaches a young child that if you work hard and treat people right you will get where you need to be.

By the time Michael was 12 he was helping his uncle put up fences, and then started doing some small landscape jobs. When Michael Turned 17 years old he opened Sorbello’s Landscaping and ever since then he has been striving for greatness. Michael still stands by what his grandfather taught him at a young age, if you work hard and treat people right you will get where you need to be. .


Sorbello's provides South Jersey with affordable landscape maintenance and lawn care services. We know the importance of your property’s appearance, and we know you want a professional landscaping company you can trust to do the job right without you having to worry about it. Commercial property managers and homeowners alike trust us to deliver exceptional quality lawn maintenance and landscape care services. Every job done by Sorbello's is completed with the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.

With knowledge and experience in each area of landscaping, Sorbello's will do an outstanding job on YOUR property! With a family in landscaping, the owner Mike Sorbello has had a lifetime of experience in the industry. With his training, crews at Sorbello's carry his lifetime of know-how to every property.