Sorbello's Landscaping, LLC is a HydroSeeding Specialist

In hydroseeding, grass seed, water, fertilizer, wood-based mulch, and a bonding agent are combined in a large tank to create a loose slurry. The mixture is then sprayed directly onto soil through a discharge nozzle. It’s an alternative to both laying sod and conventional dry-seed application.

This advanced lawn-care technique offers several benefits for you and your yard, including:

  • Cost-effective method: Hydroseeding a large area is less expensive than sodding with mature grass.
  • Quality grass: Hydroseed mixtures coat grass seed in mulch and fertilizer, so seeds germinate faster than with other methods.
  • Erosion control: Hydroseed holds moisture and protects against erosion from wind, rain, and pests.
  • Weed prevention: Hydroseed mixtures contain fewer weed seeds, and grass seed is coated in a slurry to help germinate and stamp out weeds while growing.

Ideal areas for hydroseeding include:

  • Large areas with 3,500 square feet of lawn or more.
  • Steep slopes where sod lawn or other germination techniques won’t work.
  • Areas with lots of soil erosion from wind, water, or pests.

Spring and fall are the best seasons for hydroseeding because warm soil and moderate rain help young grass seedlings grow deep roots.

Hydroseeding is not a DIY landscaping project—use our professional team to beautify your landscape. While you can take on most yard work, hydroseeding is not one of those projects. The slurry is challenging to mix when you lack the specialized equipment used by hydroseed services to ensure the proper blending of grass seed, mulch, water, and fertilizer.

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